I’m so stoked you’re here reading this! Friends usually say that I am kind, a little quirky, and a very calming presence. I’ve been told I get along with most everyone and I think that has a lot to do with just loving people for who they are. I was born & raised in Southern California — I’m really grateful for growing up in such a beautiful and diverse state, but my greatest adventure so far meant moving to Hawaii! In 2018 I moved to Oahu with my husband Brent, a pilot who nerds out on all things movie related and loses it over fluffy dogs like our Corgi Maebel. We have two birdies and dude are they weird. Finnley loves to make fart noises because I’ve given him one too many raspberries on his belly and Hunter likes to tell very animated stories complete with dancing and wing popping. It sure is cute when he says “I love you,” though! I have a thing for the ocean and paddle boarding is my favorite way to experience it. Hiking is also my jam and there’s nothing I love more than getting outdoors. We’re a bit obsessed with craft breweries, too. I called out my guy for being nerdy but the truth is, so am I (think Guardians of the Galaxy + Final Fantasy) and I can’t pass up a dad joke. 

There are days I still wake up wondering how I ever got so lucky to call this big adventure my job. It’s really the best thing to explore new places and meet such amazing people. It makes me ridiculously happy and I pour all of that back into creating images that capture wild love and real emotion. I know deep down in my soul that I was created to do exactly this.  I’m thankful to have roots in such a beautiful state, but I’m also fond of this big earth and am always down to jump on a plane and adventure with you! So, where are we going next?

What inspires my work?

There is this old photograph, my parents on the beach where my dad loved to surf. Neither of them are looking at the camera, they’re just interacting. It’s not simply a photo that says, “This is what they looked like.” It is a photo that says, “This is who they are. This is how they were before you were born.” It was taken in October of ’79 so it’s completely faded, but I have it framed in my home. It inspires me to capture people as they are, avoiding awkward “posey” photos in favor of letting moments happen naturally.

What keeps me going?

Some of my favorite things include craft beer + coffee, a hot cup of tea, burritos, camping, hiking, road trips, exploring new places, Final Fantasy VII, cuddling up with a good book, all things birds, 60’s music, Bon Iver, and freezing time with a camera. Did I mention that I like burritos? 

What are my favorite places?

Yosemite, hands down. The best places I’ve traveled include Doha, Paris, small villages in Malawi Africa, and basically anywhere in Mexico and Costa Rica. I’m a little obsessed with both.

What is it like living in Hawaii?

I freaking love Hawaii. It’s an incredible place to live. There are so many genuine, kind people and the Aloha spirit is definitely real. These islands are so special, unique, and really diverse. I love exploring each of them! This place just captured my heart in a way that no other does.

How did travel become such an obsession?

I always recognized that my heart wanted to roam the earth, finding beauty in everything. From childhood, I had the desire to go just a little further. Explore just a little more. It’s one of the reasons Disney’s Moana resonates with me and is literally the only movie that can make me cry.

What am I afraid of?

I am determined to overcome an irrational fear of heights. I get sweaty palms just thinking about heights, but I’ve pushed myself to rappel down a 200 foot waterfall in Costa Rica and I am always willing to get a little closer to the edge for a good shot. I’m obsessed with the idea of hiking Half Dome… someday. 

What's one of my favorite memories?

I always smile when I watch these short videos I took when I was in Malawi. I traveled out for a few weeks in December 2013 to work with kids in remote villages and they were sweet enough to sing to us. There’s not much that compares to a choir of cute kiddos singing Christmas songs in Chichewa.

Just a few of my favorite memories