Maybe you have a really specific vision for a pretty intimate wedding with close family + friends. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of escaping to Hawaii to elope, just the two of you. Or maybe you want to go further, visit another country and have the adventure of a lifetime. Maybe you’re not even sure what the heck you want to do on your wedding day. It really doesn’t matter where you’re at in planning or what you want to plan, I’m here for you. Here to help you bring your vision to life, here to help you plan the best day ever, and here to photograph it as it felt. 

Everyone has a story to tell, but what really makes an impact is how you tell that story. Imagery is one of the most powerful ways we can share a story with our family, our friends, with the world. It speaks in ways that words cannot. And the words you speak in a story should resonate as a reflection of who you are. This is why I want to get to know you as a couple, really get to know you, and create an experience that is personal and authentic to who you are.  If we can form a friendship, I can give back so much more to you than if I’m just another vendor.

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Adventure elopements allow couples to keep only what they love in the picture. They’re about moments, not menus + tablescapes. You can let those distractions fall away & think about the intimacy of sharing your vows on a beautiful cliff looking out across the Pacific with a handful of your closest friends or on the deserts of Morocco just the two of you. Whatever your best, most favorite day looks like — that should be your wedding. 

You have the freedom to do this your way! Imagine a day that is free of stress, full of adventure, and absolutely unforgettable. That’s what you get when you opt for an adventure elopement! Your day can be a reflection of who you are as a couple, your vows can be shared intimately, and you’ll be able to really enjoy every moment of it together without worrying about putting on a show for others. It’s drama free, the only expectations you’ll be met with are your own, and you get to focus on one another. Plus, you’ll be on the adventure of a lifetime together! You may not want it to end. Sound like a great time? I think so too.

Brent and I have always regretted that we didn’t elope and so this winter, we’re making it right by renewing our vows! One of the reasons this is so important to us so soon is because I was terrified to say my vows aloud in front of so many people, microphone or no. I really didn’t feel like that day was about us and it did not reflect who we are, so we’re re-doing it alone in the mountains! I am passionate about saving couples from these regrets down the line by educating them on adventure elopements. I truly love being a guide + helping couples realize their dream elopement! Scroll down to see my work.
These are moments from recent adventure elopements that I’ve photographed. For more complete stories, check out my blog! 

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Yosemite National Park Wedding
scotland adventure elopement
yosemite wedding
Oahu adventure elopement
Taft Point elopement
Road Trip Elopement on Maui
Oahu elopement


This is a big decision. Of all the things you’ll have on your wedding day, photography is the only one that will breathe life into your memories. You’ll want to invest in this and carefully choose the photographer who will fit your needs and wants. I see wedding photography a little differently. Rather than posing you and snapping perfect images of the two of you smiling at the camera, I believe in getting to know you so we can create those beautifully authentic images full of joy, love, and intimacy. Sure, we’ll get all the details and the big things, but what’s most important to me is making sure I capture your dad’s teary eyes or your grandma grooving on the dance floor when her song comes on. At the end of the day, the moments matter more to me because in this process, I invest in you. I want you to have those images because they’ll mean the world when you look back through your day, when you see that joy in the celebration. I want that for you because you mean so much more to me than the work I’ll do in the hours we spend together and after, so much more than dollars. Why? I’m just built that way. I have one overflowing heart and I never knew what to do with it all until I found photography.

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Here is a small sampling of the weddings I have photographed recently. There is so much more to every story, but these are the images that stand out to me. For more complete stories, check out my blog!

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sailboat elopement


Love is the freaking best part of life. No matter if you’re dating and on your first vacation together, getting engaged, or you’ve been married for two or twenty years, it’s completely worth it to capture this part of your story. One of my favorite things to do is look back on photos of my husband and I from the time we were dating to our anniversary photos and the self-portraits I talked him into taking while we were traveling in Scotland. Having that season of life to hold onto in this beautiful imagery means everything to me. That’s why I believe it’s so, so important to get photographed together. Getting photographed together in Hawaii? Even better. Adventures were meant to be documented! So whatever the cause, let’s create some memories for you two to look back on!

I’ve photographed engagements + couples in Yosemite, Portugal, mountains all over and even in Paris. Here are just a few examples!