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Jan 28, 2018 | 8 comments

This wedding was a DREAM. The sunshine, the ocean, the palm trees, wild cliffs… and those lace sleeves! It really was such a beautiful day. But what made it even more beautiful? The people. Alexis + Ben are truly, genuinely in that deep love we all dream of. You can just feel it when they’re together! From sweet vows to each little touch they shared, to that moment it hit them that this is forever in the midst of a dance at the reception. It gives me goosebumps just remembering that moment! And their family… seriously, the sweetest and cutest bunch of people.

I also met the most rad DJ pretty much ever, Gus, who performed some magic tricks for me and the rest of the photo/video team at dinner. And speaking of video, I had one of my favorite teams for this… The Santos & Co. Oh, and florals by Blue Ladder Botany. Freaking amazing. This day was just amazing!


  1. Shannon

    Absolutely incredible! What a gorgeous wedding, and you did such a great job capturing the entire story!

  2. Kyndal Hawkins

    Holy crap. These are AMAZING. Like literally every freaking image is artwork.

  3. Vera

    This wedding is so BEAUTIFUL ??? Love every image ?

  4. Shannon

    These are insane…. the colors… the location… the story! Just beautiful!!

  5. Hannah Gunnell

    These are sooo good! I especially love the sunset/dusk portraits!

  6. twyla jones

    what a gorgeous wedding, and i really love your reception photos!

  7. Ashley

    That group shot in front of the La Jolla Cove hotel is EPIC!! Amazing work friend!

  8. Courtney Meili

    so gorgeous. them TONES. burgundy is everything.


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