Crouching Lion Hike Elopement

Jun 22, 2020 | 7 comments

This sunrise Crouching Lion hike elopement will show you why a Hawaii adventure elopement is the way to go if you’re looking for a unique way to say “I do!” Brent and I all made the climb on this beautiful morning to capture some magic for Evelina + Martins. I loved all of the moments they were able to share as the sun crested the horizon, basking the mountains in such beautiful light. Keep reading to see!

Crouching Lion Hike at Sunrise

This wild hike on the island of Oahu is beautiful at both sunrise and sunset. On this day, we chose to hike it at sunrise for some cooler weather. This is one of those typical Hawaii hikes that can get pretty muddy at times and is just straight up to the top! It’s considered moderate but I think most can make the climb because while it is steep, it’s relatively short and takes about 30 minutes. At sunrise, the sun comes up over the ocean from the eastern tip of the island so it can create some really interesting light compared to the sunset when the sun sinks beyond the mountains over the bay (also drop dead gorgeous). With these views, it’s easy to see why a Crouching Lion hike elopement is something I’m seeing a lot more of these days!

Why Choose a Crouching Lion Hike Elopement?

Evelina + Martins traveled to Hawaii all the way from Latvia where they enjoy living in a cute town on the Baltic Sea. They met during high school but didn’t start dating until university. Evelina told me that they area very easy going couple and they love spending time outdoors. Since Latvia can get very cold, they wanted to travel some place warmer to get married. This is where her idea for eloping in Hawaii came in.

When she reached out, they weren’t sure yet where to elope. After chatting about what they love to do together and what type of scenery these two prefer, we settled on a Crouching Lion hike elopement for them. They wanted to really capture the adventurous spirit of Hawaii in a fun way, so it ended up being perfect. 

crouching lion hike elopement

Views of the bay from Crouching Lion

I love how you get such an amazing view of Kahana Bay from one of the first points you reach at the top of Crouching Lion hike. It’s honestly one of my favorite views on the island of Oahu! If you’re lucky, you can get some pretty incredible clouds while you are up here. For Evelina + Martins’s Crouching Lion hike elopement, we definitely had some really cool cloud activity happening.

To be honest, on the hike up it actually poured on us a few times! We had to take little breaks under the cover of trees to avoid being drenched as we made our way up the trail. I love how these two just rolled with it as we talked beneath the leaves, waiting for the rain to pass. One thing that you have to plan for with a Hawaii elopement is definitely rain. It’s best to expect a shower or two most days in the islands because of the tropical weather patterns. You also can’t really trust the weather apps, I’ve had them say no chance of rain and shown up to a storm. I’ve also seen the forecast say rainy and had nothing but sunshine. The best way to do it is to just embrace whatever weather Hawaii throws your way. She’s beautiful in any light or weather, anyway!

Once we got up to the top of Crouching Lion, the rain stayed away and we were left with these really beautiful low clouds that hugged the tops of the mountains across the bay. This is one of my absolute favorite ways to see the mountains, kissed by fog and a little moody. It makes for such emotive portraits, as well.

Crouching Lion Hike Elopement Details

I always think it’s a perfect idea to incorporate some elements into adventure elopements and it’s so easy to add a few touches that will really make the day feel special. One detail that’s very simple to include is a stunning elopement bouquet like this beauty from Lulu’s Lei’s & Bouquets. It adds so much texture to the photos, really setting things apart. You can also choose to write your own vows, pop champagne, have an officiant, have a first dance, or a myriad of other things you might see in any wedding day. The best part about elopements is their ability to be honest, intentional days that are all about the two of you.

Kahana Bay Elopement Ceremony


After exploring for the start of their Crouching Lion hike elopement, we decided on having their elopement ceremony at Kahana Bay. We met with Oahu wedding officiant Reverand Jofrey Rabanal by the shore. It’s always so much fun to work with Rev. Jofrey as he ties in beautiful Hawaiian touches to his ceremonies, making them truly unique. I have such fondness for the Hawaiian language and he always says such lovely things in the native tongue.

Kahana Bay makes a jaw-dropping elopement ceremony backdrop with calm waters and towering tropical mountains. We enjoyed this part of the day so much!

It was such a joy capturing this Crouching Lion hike elopement for Evelina + Martins. It is always wonderful to hear from couples about their experience as well and this is what they shared with me via a Google review.

“Randi is a truly amazing and talented photographer! Not only she captured our Hawaii elopement moments in a way we didn’t even expect (mostly due to the weather not being on our side during our day), it was also very enjoyable and easy to work with her. We loved the way she captured our emotions, how she caught all the little moments and details and made us feel and look so effortless and happy. The quality of the photos was great! Besides her professional skills, Randi also has a wonderful personality. She is so friendly, down to earth and funny. She made us feel very comfortable during the photo session process, despite us being very camera shy. From the first time I contacted her, she showed so much care and a willingness to help with our elopement planning process. She always found time to answer all my questions and shared detailed suggestions and tips. We really appreciated her support, as we were planning our elopement from the other part of the world and had a very limited knowledge about potential locations, vendors etc. We couldn’t be more thankful to Randi for the wonderful job she did and we really recommend her to anyone!”

So thankful for the opportunity to help create and capture amazing elopement days for awesome couples. See more island elopement inspiration and check out this North Shore Oahu elopement.

Loving the idea of a Crouching Lion hike elopement? Reach out to start planning today!


  1. Jackie

    The light in these is absolutely spectacular. Did you freelens some of these or use a tilt shift lens? They’re gorgeous!

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    Oh my gosh, these are all so pretty! Gives me the travel bug something fierce.

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    Wow I want to go here so bad now! The landscape is so amazing! You did a great job capturing their love story in such a beautiful place!

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    Randi, you have outdone yourself once again. These photos are amazing and you’re the best elopement photographer ever

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    Randi! These are gorgeous. Crouching Lion hike looks like a stunning spot for an elopement!


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