Ethereal Open Air Resort Wedding | Danny + Estera

Jun 6, 2018 | 9 comments

I’m not even sure where to start with Danny + Estera. These two are just pure gold! The amount of love they have for each other combined with the love of their family and friends made for a truly magical day at the Ethereal Open Air Resort.

I have to say, this venue is one of my favorites. The cottages for couples to get ready in are some of the cutest I’ve seen and there is just so much goodness in terms of unique light and details. It’s clear that this is a thoughtfully designed space with a lot of character.

The way the light fell on Estera in this moment was a dream. I am reminded of the 1930s for some reason, it has this vintage and exotic feel. Playing with light and shadow is one of my very favorite things to do, so we had a lot of fun creating some unique bridals for her. It’s the least I could do for a girl who wears Haute Hippie on her wedding day! The beading on this dress, by the way, is GORGEOUS.

I love seeing how the family spends time during prep and in this case, the groom’s dad was enjoying a game of chess while his son got ready. It’s one of the cutest scenes, I couldn’t help but snag a quick capture of this moment. It’s so important to me to include things like this as a part of the story for the day.

One of the other things that stands out to me about the Ethereal Open Air Resort is that they have such secluded spaces for a first look. You can really feel as though you’re enjoying this stolen moment away from the crazy of the wedding day. That’s exactly how a first look should be! I just love the way this bridged walkway feels like its own little secret garden. Being there as Danny saw Estera for the first time on their day brought so many emotions! He was sooo nervous for her to find him there amongst the trees and when she did, all that washed away into happy smiles.

The sweet memory above will probably stay with me for a long time. It was just such an example of why I do what I do. Estera touched her dad’s cheek as they shared in the joy of the day, it gave me goosebumps to know that I’d be giving her this image to look back on. At the end of the day, it’s memories like this that we cherish.

After this heartfelt ceremony, we found an awesome spot for group portraits by the gates of the chapel. Yeah, the light was freaking amazing but what I really loved was how everyone’s personalities were shining through. It was such a fun afternoon!

Being able to steal away at sunset is definitely something to make a priority. Not only do you get to spend a little time appreciating each other post-ceremony, but it gives you time to actually absorb and process what has happened. Having the chance to slow down a little will help preserve the memories and create some stellar imagery at the same time.

We snuck into the chapel just as the sun was pouring through the window. It was pure magic.

Can I just note that the desserts at the reception were all DIY?! Yep. They were made by Danny’s mom and other members of the family! The entire spread was delicious and beautiful, with rustic tones of gold and burgundy with sprinkles of blush.

Still can’t believe this wedding cake was homemade, it’s just perfection!

And let it be said that these two know how to party! Haha, this was one of the greatest receptions ever.

Love you two!! Congrats ♥


  1. Abigail

    Oh my goodness. You totally nailed this San Diego intimate wedding! The tones, the couple and their expressions, so so much goodness in here!

  2. Lisa Kingsbury

    I am in love with this intimate wedding! Ethereal Open Air Resort looks like it was the perfect backdrop for this stylish couple!

  3. Katy Weaver

    Oh wow, Ethereal Open Air Resort is SUCH a cool event space and you captured it so well! These two are goals! What a fun wedding!

  4. Nicole Daacke

    Randi! This wedding is so beautiful! Ethereal Open Air Resort looks like such cool spot for a wedding!

  5. Emily

    This is a fantastic wedding. You’re right, the Etherial is beautiful!

  6. Sydney

    This San Diego intimate wedding is STUNNING! Ethereal is such a gorgeous venue, perfect for their big day.

  7. whitney

    Holy Crap! This Ethereal Open Air Resort, San Diego wedding is AMAZING! That shot of her putting on her dress is stunning. All of these images are so stunning!

  8. jiyeon

    super obsessed with this San Diego intimate wedding! you did such an amazing job!

  9. Savannah

    That floating bed!!! ?. I love San Diego – you did a great job capturing this beautiful California intimate wedding.


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