Why You Should Have a Photo Shoot

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Have you ever sat and wondered what is a good reason to have a photo shoot? Is there any kind of rule or etiquette, how many is too many, or if it’s weird to book one on your vacation? Well, I’m here to share with you that you should absolutely have a photo shoot and there really is no reason that is not a good reason to have one!

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It used to be that families would go every year and take a photo together. Remember the cheesy studio backdrops and everyone sitting in a row? I sure do. My grandparents and parents did this with us every year and also around Christmas. I used to think it was so silly, but now I am really glad that they did it because I have this timeline of my life. I can see the changes that have happened, the ways I have grown, I remember things that happened around the time of the portrait. Flash-forward to 2019 and we are all so busy that we might take engagements, wedding photos, maybe some maternity photos, and then every once in a while some family photos but it just all falls by the wayside. Plus, it’s not inexpensive to do this each year so maybe we let time go by without capturing it. I get it, I really do, but my thoughts have really come together on this subject and I want to share with you.

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I believe it is highly important to document our relationships and lives every year at least once a year. We all change so much year to year and memories seem to fade. There were trips I went on with my husband where all I had to show from it was landscape photos and maybe an iPhone shot or two of us at dinner. What I wish I had is more like what I determined to do on a few of our trips — to hire a photographer to document us in that beautiful place that we went so that we could keep memories alive. To make sure we could see all the ways we have changed or grown. It’s something I will continue to make a priority each year and sometimes more than once a year if there is occasion (new house, new family member, big change) or a trip I want to preserve. So here are 5 great reasons you should have a photo shoot.

1 – You’ll Want to Remember This

If you are celebrating an anniversary, a pregnancy, a birth, a birthday, or a crazy cool trip wouldn’t it be amazing to have beautiful images to look back on and remember that time with fondness? It is easy to tell ourselves that we’ll always remember, photos or no, but the reality is that as time goes on, we can lose the crispness of those images in our minds. Why not let a photographer immortalize those moments so that they stay crisp for years to come? These are moments in our lives that will never happen that exact way again and it’s vital to preserve those moments as best we can. Artful imagery is one of the most powerful forms of preservation. So whether you are honeymooning in Bali and want to have a couple’s session to capture it or you’re taking a family vacation here in Hawaii and want to get some family photos on Oahu, know that you are making the best choice when it comes to keeping memories alive.

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2 – You’ll Want to Share This

Going hand-in-hand with wanting to preserve the memories you’re making is this reason: to share. I know we live in the age of social media and it’s easier to snap a selfie and call it good but honestly, where is the fun in that?! Do you really want the only photos you have to be selfies or taken by a passerby? There is nothing wrong with those types of photos, but there is definitely something to be said for a beautiful, artful photograph that you can share with your best friends and family. A photograph that will show them how much joy you experienced in the place you visited or how much fun you had just being together. Because that’s the difference between an iPhone shot and a photograph from a professional. What is communicated is often much more powerful, much more candid, and much more meaningful than anything a quick phone photo can capture.

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3 – You’ll Want to Frame This

For sure, this is a big motivator. Have you ever printed and framed a phone photo? Sure, they’re okay at smaller sizes but you get some inconsistencies and they just don’t have the same impact as having a professionally taken and printed photo. I love unique pieces of art on the wall, but I also love seeing people’s stories told in a beautiful way from beginning to where they are at now. If you visited our house, we have an engagement photo and wedding photo or two around but what we mostly have are photos that we’ve taken in other photo shoots from our anniversary or when we got our puppy Maebel. These photos mean so much to us and being able to see for ourselves and share with visitors our full story so far is really priceless.

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4 – It Makes a Great Date

No, seriously. If you book with the right photographer, photo shoots can be incredibly fun and like a really unique date! I’ve had parents tell me it was a really great way to focus on each other and escape a little or if they brought the kiddos, they enjoyed being able to let them play and be captured for who they are in that time. I have had couples tell me that they felt like they were just on a date exploring an area and had so much fun! It can be a great way to enjoy each other’s company and spend time truly focusing on one another. When else do you spend an hour or two just making eye contact, snuggling up, or making out?

5 – A Photo Shoot is Freeing

When you can show up in your favorite outfits and just focus on each other, it’s really freeing. Every time I get photographed, especially with my husband, I learn something new about myself or about us. It can be really freeing to spend that hour or two just letting go of all the things that go on in life and dialing back down to just the two of you (or just your little family). It always ends up being a sacred time that I walk away from feeling really in touch with myself and those who were with me. You also begin to see yourself in a very different light, through the eyes of someone else. I often think I will end up hating photos of myself only to find that in truth, it showed me that I am strong or beautiful and free. Trust me, it’s amazing.

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I think it’s time we all get back to that place where we document our stories beautifully and keep memories preserved. I have packages for all kinds of sessions in all kinds of places and would love to talk to you about capturing these moments in your life, so reach out today!

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