Yosemite Elopement at Taft Point | Jaime + Michael

Nov 26, 2018 | 8 comments

I am basically always down for a sunset elopement at Taft Point. I have seen the most beautiful sunsets pretty much ever at this spot, nothing really beats the way the rays top the granite and wash the entire valley in this beautiful light. It’s enough to make ya tear up and I totally have, it’s just so majestic!

Vows in Mariposa Grove

Jaime + Michael’s elopement kicked off my Yosemite season. I camped in the valley for a few weeks so that I could capture their elopement + a few others, it will always be one of my very favorite memories. At this point, Yosemite has become like breathing to me. I have to do it. It has to be in my life. I’ll never stop going, I’ll always keep exploring. And I know it has that same impact on others as well. 

Jaime + Michael knew they wanted to say their vows in the presence of giants, so they planned an intimate ceremony at the foot of the sequoia trees in Mariposa Grove. The Grove had just re-opened to visitors and it was one spot I hadn’t yet gotten to visit myself. I was mesmerized by these towering beauties, so excited for what was to come. Oh, and excited for puppies. I freaking love it when couples include their pups in the day!

Vows exchanged + sealed with a kiss, we wandered the newly built trails.

As beautiful as the grove was we knew there was more beauty in store as we headed deeper into Yosemite, up Glacier Point Road. Sunset on our minds, we planned to hike out to Taft Point quickly but when I saw the light streaming down through the trees along the trail, I knew we had to stop. This was the perfect spot for a first dance.

Sunset at Taft Point

After playing around in the sunshine, we hiked on toward the cliffs. One of my favorite images from the day came as Michael helped Jaime down the rocky trail. Those out of focus moments always get me because they communicate such feeling.

Arriving at Taft Point, Jaime let me know that she was a little afraid of heights so we joked quite a bit about our shared feelings. I adore this spot, but the drop terrifies me haha Can we also chat about how perfect this Grace Loves Lace dress looks on Jaime?!

Michael, on the other hand, not so much.

Regardless of those perilous views, we had fun hanging out thousands of feet in the sky taking in one of the best sunsets I’ve seen and talking about life.

See what I mean? The sun just pours itself out on the valley below, bathing everything in a fiery glow.

And then the sun was gone. We hiked back out in the dark, sharing puppy stories and maybe a few things about ghosts + night noises 😉

Yosemite is one of the very best National Parks to get married in. If you’re planning a wedding or elopement in Yosemite and connect with my work, say hey! I would love to chat with you about capturing your Yosemite elopement, creating some magic in the valley or on the cliffs.


  1. Henry Tieu

    These photos are so precious. Randi, you amaze me everyday with your work. This Yosemite elopement is goals for sure. Best wedding photographer 100%

  2. [object Object]

    dang girl! this is so dope! Your yosemite elopements are always so precious!

  3. Kara

    What a stunning Yosemite elopement! I love that the bride hold onto the dog throughout the ceremony!

  4. Aspen

    I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! I love the moodiness of this elopement in Yosemite! It’s such a gorgeous national park and you did a fabulous job capturing this lovely intimate elopement!

  5. Laëtitia Donaghy

    Yosemite is such a dream destination! PS: All weddings/elopements should have dogs lol.

  6. Justyna E Butler

    Yes it is! The best place to get married for sure! Love Yosemite so much!

  7. Sarah Davis

    Every time I see an elopement at Taft Point (or anywhere in Yosemite for that matter) I am just SWOONING! I love her dress and how you documented their day – the images once the sun went down are breathtaking.

  8. Alexandria

    I love this session at Taft Point! I’ve never been but now I HAVE to go!


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