Hawaii Adventure Elopement in Maui

Jul 3, 2020 | 6 comments

This Hawaii adventure elopement on the island of Maui is the experience of a lifetime with views from above the clouds + one incredible sunset. Without a doubt, this sweet hiking elopement is one of my favorite days to look back on. I just have so much love for Lisa + Alex! By the end of the hike, it felt like I was just hanging out with friends I had always known.



What is a Hawaii Adventure Elopement?


A Hawaii adventure elopement simply means going on the adventure of a lifetime in Hawaii when you marry your person! It takes a traditional wedding and melts it down to just the two of you exchanging vows on a cliffside, on top of a volcano (a dormant one, don’t worry haha), or anywhere you can think of! One of the best things about a Hawaii adventure elopement is that you get to fully choose how you commit to one another. There are no outside pressures or stress, it’s just doing what you love most with the person you love most, letting your love shining through exactly the way it is! If you love hiking, boating, diving, kayaking, and adventuring then a Hawaii adventure elopement might just be the way to go!



Hiking Elopement in Maui


For Lisa + Alex, the idea of having a little adventure together to somewhere special on Maui was exciting! When we first started chatting about their elopement plans, all we knew is that they wanted to elope on the island of Maui. We tossed around the idea of a road trip elopement or a Road to Hana adventure, but ultimately as we narrowed things down one of my suggestions for a hiking elopement became the favorite. The scenery along this ridge trail is super beautiful, giving you views of lush green mountains and even the ocean. With all of the natural sights these two wanted to be able to see on their elopement day, we settled on this trail!



I mean, just look at these ferns! So cute and fuzzy. Plus, you’ll have views of the mountains, forest, ocean, and all the way to Haleakala.



Every Hawaii Elopement Needs a Waterfall


I always joke that every Hawaii adventure elopement needs a waterfall, but it’s kinda true! Waterfalls just feel so Hawaii. I remember being so surprised to find this gem the first time I hiked this trail. It’s distant, but beautiful nonetheless!



Hiking Into the Clouds


As we continued up the trail, we noticed a lot of clouds and mist had moved in. We started to think maybe we’d just go about 3/4 of the way up the trail, get some shots with the mist resting on the mountains, and head back. After all, you can’t always see very far when clouds move in. Well, we definitely had our lesson in Hawaii weather haha! Keep scrolling to see what happened when the clouds drifted away and encouraged us to keep on hiking.



Sunset Over Kanoa Ridge


That’s the thing about Hawaii. Just when you think you know what the weather is going to be like, it changes. And that’s one of the reasons I always suggest to couples that they just embrace whatever comes their way on an adventure elopement day. Lisa + Alex didn’t skip a beat when we thought we weren’t going to get those top of the trail views. We were all happy just to have seen the incredible views we had so far. Then, as we were considering whether to keep going to the top, the sun began to burn away the misty clouds and we just knew we had to make it all the way up. As we got to the top, the clouds kept shifting but it made for some really epic views!



Adventurous Elopement Ceremony on Maui


While we loved the views up top, Alex + Lisa felt more drawn to the views of the canyon from mid-way. We made the choice to start back down the trail, looking for that perfect view where they could say their vows. As we found the spot, they took a little moment to absorb what was about to happen. With views of the lush tropical valleys in the backdrop, these two exchanged vows to make things official. I officiated for them, but in this moment I stayed a small distance away to simply capture the beauty of what was happening. It was such an intimate, sweet time.



With their vows all exchanged, the cutest thing happened after their first kiss. Filled with joy, the hopped up and down and finally cheered out to the Hawaiian mountains that they were married!



A perfect end to the sweetest of Hawaii adventure elopements! Lisa’s beautiful (and perfectly humidity proof makeup) was done by Maui make-up artist Dawn Romero. Her dress was thrifted locally in Los Angeles. Lisa + Alex left me the sweetest review on Google, too.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better person to spend our elopement with! Randi went above and beyond to help us find a location, and was open for anything. We ended up on a strenuous, but gorgeous hike on Maui, with no plans to reach the top – however once we were in it, we couldn’t resist going all the way. Camera equipment and all, Randi was ready for the climb and didn’t skip a beat. She delivered a beautiful gallery that we will treasure forever, along with the memories we have with her on this amazing day! Thank you Randi!”


Want to Plan Your Own Hawaii Adventure Elopement?

If reading this got you excited about the idea of having your own Hawaii adventure elopement, here’s a little more inspiration for you! Try checking out this sunrise elopement at Waimea Canyon or this stunning road trip elopement on Maui. And if you’re ready to plan your own, just fill out the form below to get in touch today!


  1. Natalie

    This is so spectacular! You captured so many stunning moments — beautiful job! Hawaii is really the perfect place for any adventure. Love this idea so so much!

  2. Adriana

    Hawaii looks so magical, I can’t wait to go! These photos are beautiful!

  3. Abbi Hearne

    Woooow these are so stunning! So much variety in one set of photos!

  4. Amy

    We’ve road tripped through every island, and Maui was our favorite!

  5. Sabrina Kaye

    These are so fun and gorgeous! Love your style so much!!

  6. erin

    You captured this day beautifully, these photos are amazing!


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