Kualoa Ranch Elopement

Jul 31, 2020 | 0 comments

This sweet Kualoa Ranch elopement incorporates some of the best island views on Oahu and is just the right size! I really believe that one decent thing to come out of the way this year has gone will be micro-weddings and elopements gaining more attention. Now, more than ever, couples are considering smaller events and more intimate days. I am all for it! Keep reading for a little micro-wedding inspiration.

Inviting Guests to an Elopement

Allie + Garret wanted to plan an elopement but they also wanted to celebrate with their nearest + dearest. And here’s the thing: you can absolutely do both! Having family + friends along for your elopement day is incredibly meaningful, especially if you can’t picture the day without them. There aren’t any rules on having guests or going it just the two of you. The only thing is to keep it small so it doesn’t become overwhelming in the way that big, traditional weddings tend to. With all of this in mind, they opted to have a Kualoa Ranch elopement to give that adventurous, beautiful feel they were looking for while still allowing them to invite their family to be a part of the day.

Kualoa Ranch Elopement Locations

Kualoa Ranch elopements have one major advantage: you can choose from several of the most stunning locations on the island! Sure, there are plenty of beaches and hikes to take your elopement on the road, but there is also something nice about having everything in one spot and easy breezy. If you are looking for something with minimal planning but big payout on views, Kualoa Ranch might be a great fit for your elopement! Especially if you would like to have guests or incorporate something really special to celebrate such as a picnic.

Allie + Garret had their ceremony overlooking the beautiful islet of Mokoli’i. This spot made for a perfect view of the bay! Garret’s dad actually performed their ceremony, which was such a lovely idea. In Hawaii, it’s pretty easy to have a family member or friend ordained if you wanted to have them marry you!

As newlyweds, these two practically danced down the aisle in excitement! It was such a cute moment to watch as their family celebrated with them. And of course, we had to get in a few photos with their best people. That’s the other fun part of having a few guests, you can capture all the love you share!

Portraits at Paliku Garden

Another spot available to Kualoa Ranch elopements is Paliku Gardens and we chose to wander this pretty area for Allie + Garret’s time together after the ceremony. The big mountains, lush greens, and pretty afternoon light allowed us to capture so much beauty! It was a great time hanging out with them listening to one of their favorite bands and making memories.

Later, we decided to let them celebrate with a private first dance in their ceremony spot! 

Choosing a Micro-Wedding or Elopement

I know that the pandemic has really impacted so many couples who were planning on getting married. If you can’t see a big wedding anymore, know that there are other options! You can really create something meaningful, intimate, and beautiful whether that is a micro-wedding with a few guests or an elopement just the two of you.

Looking to get inspired? Check out these other Oahu elopements on the North Shore or a bit more adventurous elopement day at Crouching Lion. For more information on Kualoa Ranch weddings, check out the Oahu venue‘s website.

Ready to create your own elopement day or micro-wedding? Reach out today! 


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