New Year’s Day Elopement on Oahu

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Sunrise Elopement Ceremony

2020 was quite a year. It changed everything, adjusted how we view the world and upended most of what we thought was important. Many of us slowed down, not exactly by choice, and spent a lot of time at home. Here on Oahu, the year was sent out with a bang.  Literally.

 On New Year’s Eve, the skies all over Oahu came to life with an intense, and seemingly never ending, display of fireworks. It was enough to keep most of the island awake all night! So sleep-deprived but full of anticipation, we headed out to the Southern part of the island for sunrise.

 Elopement on Oahu

Janelle + Daniel wanted to ring in the New Year by tying the knot! We planned an elopement on Oahu since they just moved to the island from Maui. Something just seemed really beautiful about the idea of spending sunrise together on an adventure. We climbed the cliffs just as the sun crested the horizon and were greeted by the craziest wind I’ve ever had here! But these two did not miss a beat. Laughter and joy radiated from them as they took all that Hawaii weather has to offer. Including a rainbow! Oahu makes a beautiful spot to elope because of the dramatic coastlines and this morning really made the island shine.

 Funnily enough, we were not the only ones with the idea to welcome the New Year in with an adventure. Many of the residents here on Oahu also had the same idea! They said they felt that 2020 was so dark and trying, they wanted to be there to greet the sun as it rose on a 2021. I thought that was really beautiful! It makes perfect sense to want to start things off with a gorgeous sunrise. And an elopement on Oahu, of course. Exploring the cliffs together brought so much happiness and set the day off on the right tone.

Hawaii Weather and Elopements

A little rain for an elopement on Oahu just means you’re more likely to get a rainbow! I always share with couples to just embrace the weather Hawaii throws at them on their elopement day. Honestly, all weather photographs really beautifully and you will have so much fun if you are able to laugh in the wind and dance in the rain.

And dance in the rain they did! As soon as we made our way down to the beach for their ceremony, the skies opened up while we waited for the officiant and we made sure to capture all of the joy in that moment.

It’s funny because they came running down from the rocks to ask if it was okay to keep shooting in the rain. I could only say: Of course, shooting elopements on Oahu I have run into plenty of wild weather! If you’re good, I’m good with it!  Knowing that, they climbed back out on the rocks to check out the beautiful waves rolling into the bay. 

Live Stream Elopements + Micro Weddings

Live stream elopements and micro weddings are becoming a big deal in 2021! Since 2020 changed much about the way we do life, it is no surprise that it has changed the way we get married. Micro weddings became a great way of celebrating and still including some of your closest people while you get married. And while that is a great option for those who are looking to go a little more traditional with things, I am incredibly excited to see elopements growing like crazy. More and more, couples are realizing that they’d like to elope just the two of them and have an adventure! You can really create a special day, just like Janelle + Daniel did. There is no reason you can’t also include family in your ceremony. For these two, that looked like live streaming their elopement! An elopement on Oahu or anywhere else can easily be something that you share with whoever matters most when you grab a tripod and a cell phone and set up a call. It’s a brilliant way for everyone to feel included and you get the best of both worlds. This makes for cute photos too! And I love how Oahu elopement officiant Rev. Jofrey introduced the couple to their family watching from the phone.


Oahu Sunset Elopement

Later, we met back up to send the sunset off with beautiful scenery and a little more celebration! I love how the sun sunk behind the mountains, dancing through the rain and clouds to create a magical and unique look. The big waves on Oahu’s North Shore also made things really special. It was a perfect end to this New Year’s elopement on Oahu!



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