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Yen + James are really something special. They inspired me to chat about something today that I think could really be helpful to hear: If you want or need to have a bigger wedding with family and friends but you’ve always dreamed of an intimate ceremony that’s just the two of you enjoying an adventure, these two things are not mutually exclusive! You can have both. They can work hand-in-hand quite beautifully. This is exactly what just what Yen and James have done.

Yen and James’ Intimate Vow Exchange and Big Celebration Plans

Saying their vows in Yosemite Valley was something that they had on their hearts, but they also had planned a bigger celebration with friends and family a few months down the line. Rather than miss out on the adventure of exchanging vows beneath Yosemite Falls, they found a way to make it all work.

Vows in Yosemite

I met Yen + James beneath the falls on a cloudy day. We chose a spot among the beautiful trees where they read thoughtful vows full of both, tears and laughs. It was so heartfelt and intimate. We captured beautiful moments and the clouds helped give us a wonderful dramatic effect. Yen’s dress was absolutely stunning and she looked gorgeous! James looked so handsome! Together, we saw such raw emotion from them, had tons of fun, and most of all-captured these amazing moments.

Between every two pine trees there is a door leading to a new way of life. – John Muir

A day like this can really be so simple. I think it’s easy to get caught up in the details and to begin to believe that something like this will be complicated but really, it’s as simple as gathering a few minimal details and having a photographer you trust there to document the moment. Yen created her own bouquet from greenery she found both pretty and meaningful. Vows were written in handmade promise books. Their clothing fit perfectly with the rustic, rugged tones of the valley. The result was simple + stunning.

Making Your Wedding Work For You

So just remember, even if you want to have a more traditional wedding day for family and friends, it doesn’t mean you have to forego the adventurous wedding you’ve always dreamed of. There are no rules when it comes to these things. Your vows, your wedding, all of it can be how you want it to be! If you’d like to have a happy little Yosemite wedding, you should definitely have it. The thing that matters most is that you get to enjoy the way you exchange vows and how you celebrate your special day. 

This elopement was featured!! See the feature and read more about the day here – Wandering Weddings.


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